Giving to Robert College

Privacy Policy, and are owned and maintained by Robert College of Istanbul, a private educational non-profit organization with offices in Istanbul, Turkey and New York City, New York, USA. Links at any of these web sites provide postal and electronic addresses of persons you can contact for further information. Alternatively, you can email if you have further questions.

Any and all information provided to us by our visitors is solely for our own corporate use. We do not store the credit card numbers submitted through our web site. We definitely do not sell, distribute or otherwise give out the information you provide when you fill out forms on our web sites. Access to this data is only available to a select few individuals who are charged with the job of managing or maintaining the web sites and associated accounts, and these persons are bound by their contracts with Robert College of Istanbul to use this data responsibly and only for the sole purpose for which it was intended.

When you fill out a credit card charge form on one of our web pages, you can rest assured that your data is both secure and encrypted.

Chargeback Policy

If for any reason, there is an error in the amount charged to a donor's credit card, it will be corrected and charged backed upon demand. You may contact us to have corrections made or if you have questions about your contribution. For gifts made to Robert College in Turkey, please contact the Alumni & Development Office:


Phone:+90 (212) 263-4239